Life’s Not The Same Anymore

What ever happened to those halcyon days when all we had to eat was loo roll and pasta?

Nailsworth Coop, UK.

I miss the shopping roulette, the, “Let’s eat what’s in the fridge. Oh! look there isn’t anything.” And then heading off to the shop, only to find that it’s fridge is in a more perilous state than ours.

I miss eating only what we can find, forage or steal.

I miss the covert phone calls from friends, pushing their contraband commestables; nothing ever committed to writing or text, naturally.

I miss making our brave friends eat my dodgy cooking, or as we like to call it, having an S&M evening. Those days have gone, but never fear, they will return and those of you who know us will get to eat a la chez Wally again. And the thought of that makes me smile.

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