Extreme Egesta?

Imagine, twice in the same place, a rural Spanish lane, a year apart, seeing this.

It was 2020 and this dog’s owner was so proud they left this stool for all passers-by to admire. I must say it is pretty awesome.
The year before, 1919, and a pet pooch proudly posited a poo pile for lucky walkers to stumble across. A nearby sign was begging to be utilised; who could resist?

And both times the sight of them made me chuckle. Childish I know to have to admit that creative caca cones can crack me up.

Catching the Wave

This person’s ready for the second wave.

The reason Spain has managed the Covid19 situation so much better than the UK may, in part, be due to their stringent rules. Until recently people could only leave home if they were alone, carried ID and had a permitted reason to travel. If a member of the public was in violation of the current edict, the police, who were out in force checking paperwork, were empowered to fine and send them home.

These restrictions were eased within very strict margines and are now lifted. We in the UK still have a long way to go.

Foreign Food

A few food related images that helped make Spanish grocery shopping fun.

Food that guarantees a pungent aroma?
What can we say? We were, and still are, speechless.
This company name was definitely lost in translation

They say travel broadens the palette, but not where these foods are concerned. They made us squirm and laugh, but not eat.

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