The places we have visited that have provoked the blogging instinct. Historic, quirky or bizarre, they could end up here.

Ampolla Sand-Cycling.

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A day spent cycling or walking through the sandy tracks of this Mediterranean dream-scape is a must for any traveller in Spain. Why not join us?

The Monaco Grand Prix for Free

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How to enjoy a break at the Grand Prix and pop into the Casino and all without breaking the bank.

Denia home from home

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A short video describing Denia town, things to do and the countryside around it.

L’Albarda Garden, Pedreguer, Spain.

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Our second visit to L’Albarda Garden reveals a string of unexpected surprises. Find out more by clicking on our image of the most luscious and verdant urn possible.

Alpine frolics in Morzine.

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Occasionally we have been known to head for the hills, check out our adventure on the Alpine slopes of Morzine, France.

The Ghost Town of Denia, Spain

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One of the stranger sites in the area of Denia in Spain. This is what happens when the planning process breaks down!

Fes, Morocco

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The dark, gritty, hardworking city of Fes has to be high on any tourists’ wish list. It is an interesting place, well worth getting to know.

Chefchaouen, The Blue City, Morocco

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Join us for a stroll around one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Torre del Gerro, Denia

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In the past, men liked nothing more than to plop towers on top of hills. We like nothing more than checking them out. Join us as we fly our drone around and over this ancient Spanish monument.