Wally’s Moroccan Supper

There wasn’t a lot of choice in Morocco for a hungry vegetarian, or so it seemed. Generally we could have a Vegetable Tagine, or nothing, apart that is for a good range of meat and fish dishes, usually served as tagines.

If that sounds a bit dull, it was not, as every Vegetable Tagine was different. The vegetables are those that are available locally on the day and the sauce is what ever the cook decides to use; meat stock, fish stock, vegetable stock, who knows! I expect this is why Wally’s is similar to the ones we ate; but not the same.

Ingredients: For 2 people

*A pint of hot, thin stock, do not worry about the colour, but it must have a good flavour.

*A selection of vegetables cut into 1” by about 5” strips. Choose for colour and flavour. Prepare enough to make one or two layers in your pan, depending on it’s depth and your hunger.

* 2 Tomatoes, part of a red onion, 2ins of cucumber, to make a Moroccan salad.

* A small loaf of bread.


1. Place the vegetable into your cast iron pan so that they radiate from the centre, like the spokes of a wheel, or panels in an umbrella. Arrange the colours so that it looks pretty.

2. Pour over the Stock

3. Put on a lid and simmer until the vegetables are cooked to a meltingly soft state.

4. The stock should go thick and sticky on the bottom. If it gets too thick before the vegetables are done, add a little hot water. If the stock is thin and runny when the vegetables have cooked through, take off the lid and let it simmer away until ready.

While the vegetables are cooking.

*Make your couscous. *Make a Moroccan salad. *Put the bread and knife on a cutting board.

Moroccan Salad


1. 2 or 3 Tomatoes

2. 2” or 3” cucumber

3 . 5” cube of red onion – more if you love it

4. Fresh parsley, coriander or mint

5. Curry powder (optional)


Dice the vegetables and herbs finely

Toss together in a bowl

Sprinkle over the curry powder

Serve the meal with bread to dunk and mop.

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