Grab a packet of tortilla wraps. Any size will do, but they must sit flat in the bottom of your cast iron pan and under your saucepan lid, ideally.

Before you strike a match, prepare all vegetables, including your salad.

Gather all the tools and pans you will need.

Tomato base:

*1T Oil

*1 Tin of tomatoes

*1T tomato puree

*1T herbs – any Italian

*1 finely chopped onion

*1 grated garlic clove

Method 1:

1. Put oil in the saucepan and heat gently

2. Add all the other ingredients and simmer for 2 – 5 minutes without a lid. The more finely that things are chopped, the faster they will cook and the smoother the look. At home? Whizz it.

3. Once reduced a little, mash with a spud masher, turn off the and allow to cool.

Prepare your toppings:

*3 or 4 types of thinly sliced, quick cook/Mediterranean vegetables; have what you fancy.

*Cheese – sliced or broken Mozzarella, goats. Grated cheddar, parmigiana, smoked; as much or little of the one/s you like.

*Fish or meat – ready or quick cook is best

*Fun bits – Herbs, freshly squeezed lemon juice, chilli flakes, pepper. Scatter all over each pizza just before popping it on the heat.

Method 2:

1. Put the lid on your cast iron pan and heat gently until you think it’s medium hot.

2. Build your first pizza. Do not over pile with stuff, as the bottom will overcook before the topping has fully warmed. Less is more with these little critters.

3. Place the built pizza into your pre-heated, cast iron pan and cover with the smallest lid you have. You have now made a tiny oven. You can place a folded tea towel on top of the lid to help conserve the heat.

4. Build the next pizza while the first one cooks.

4. Give your first pizza a few minutes and then check and adjust the heat to get a perfect finish; crispy, brown bottom and hot, gooey top. You know they are cooked when the cheese has melted.

5. You will now have a production line.

Serve with a lightly dressed salad:-

Plain English – lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato

Moroccan – Finely diced tomato, red onion, cucumber

Tropical – Vegetables; a little of what you fancy, plus fresh and/or dried fruit, diced in, apple, orange, mango, pear …. one type of fruit or a mixture.

Tropical nut – As the ‘Tropical Salad’ but with added diced nuts and seeds ….. any combo works.

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