Sun Seeking with Barri (the VW T4 camper)

The Bottom Line about overland Travel To Spain

We gave up trying to write about the complexity of our road trip south. There is so much to say, none of it that gripping, that we had to work hard to distill our four nights of travelling into a sparkling bijou piece. How did we do it? We made a short and, though we say it ourselves, sophisticated, cartoon movie.

Travel with us in our little red T4 VW Camper Van, as we make our way from England’s bottom, to a campsite in Spain’s bottom. No expense has been spent on this artful project.

Please feel free to comment on the storyline, high production values and our astonishing technical excellence in lighting and sound.

Prepare to be AMAZED!

Feel free to leave us a cheery message in the reply box below. The Wallys. x

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