Torre Del Gerro, Denia

At the start of our travels, we decided to start a video blog. As Christmas was coming we went all extravagant and bought a drone.

The local landmark, Torre Del Gerro, provided the perfect subject on which to test our skills; or lack of them.

These ancient towers, dating from the 16th century, are dotted along the Spanish coast and had the same role as the English Martello towers. Their original use was to spot the Berber pirates as they approached.

The tower is known locally, within the ex-pat circles (and possibly amongst the Spanish too) as The Pepperpot. It’s a popular local walk, as it has a steady incline and is easy under foot.

The ‘Ghost Town’ overshadowed by Montgo

Once at the Tower, face the sea and catch your breath. For spectacular views; left for Denia, and right, for the lighthouse at Cap de Sant Antoni. Behind you towers the rocky face of Montgo, with the ‘Ghost Town’ nestling at it’s base.

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