A Brief Journey Through Time

A Walk Through Denia, Spain

On the face of things, Denia is an imposing town, with it’s castle atop a steep knoll of rock and it’s marina stuffed to the gunwales with extravagantly outsized gin palaces. Whether, to invade, or to trade, this is a destination that has always attracted the itinerant. These days, tourists like ourselves can be added to their list of invaders.

Like all invaders, we needed intelligence, something that we are woefully short of. We headed into the local Tourist Information Office in search of help. Guess what, there was no truly useful tourist map of the town. You know the sort of thing; you have up to half a day ‘to do the town’ and you need an easy to follow guide.

We returned the next year and discovered that there was an Old Town. It had little squares bounded by cafes with umbrella shaded tables to sit at. On sunny days, these beautiful little quads echo with the voices of customers, as they sit in the sun drinking coffees and beers and talking loudly with friends. We had no idea any of this existed. Somehow we had managed to bypass this gem.

This year is our third visit here. We have decided that if you want to see a job done, you must do it yourself. And so, without further ado, we bring to you, a map of Denia that you can copy into your phone, along with the information sheet. Armed and dangerous you can then set off to get yourself acquainted with this unique city.

If you are not planning to visit Denia, it does not matter, as we hope the maps and information will interest and delight you anyway. You can come along with us and get your pleasure vicariously.

The Maps

Especially for all you map-o-philes out there, we have two maps of the same walk.

The first Map has places of interest on it and some key street names.

The second map gives you all the street names. Handy if you get into a bit of a pickle.

And for map-o-phobes, we have a special offering, a pictorial route around the same walk.

*If viewing on your mobile phone, please turn your phone on it’s side, landscape format. Each of the first two maps can then be expanded to fit your phone’s screen.*

All the good things to see and do.
Map with the streets named.

We suggest copying both maps onto your phone and see how you get on.

Denia Old and New-A Pictorial Walking Guide.

Park your car in the Port carpark (1 on both maps), as near to the town as you can. Walk along the roadside promenade, with the port on your left and the town on your right. Cross the road when you can see this view.

Captain John Paul Jones, a Scotsman, was a famous hero during the American civil war. Click here to read more about his surprising life. In 1959, Hollywood captured his story, the filming took place in Denia.

Walk from Captain Jones towards the font and stone cross in the centre of the square, which is called Placeta De La Creu. Now walk towards the terracotta coloured building in the corner of the square, you can see it in the photo – left. You round a slight bend and enter a narrow street.

You are now in Carrer Bitibau a classic old town street; walk to it’s end and you will pop out into another square.

A stunning spot for a break from all this walking! This square is choc full of cafes and tables, and at the right time of day, glorious sunshine and people. Nothing better.

Find and walk past the red building; the word ‘Heaven’ has now been removed. Keep this building on your right; this is a very short street.

You will find yourself in Carrer Del Port. Part way along this street, on your right, is Magazinos, a chic and sophisticated street food style venue. With cocktail bars and terraces, tea and coffee and food offerings to please any pallet, this is a ‘must visit’ for foodies. At night it is magical, with illuminated palms and walls of fairy lights.

When you eventually waddle, full tummied, out of Magazinos, continue along Carrer Del Port until it ends. Look straight ahead, across the road junction and you will see this flight of steps. Make your way up those steps admiring the pretty houses you pass on your right. Look to your right for your next turning.

A rather shabby looking street with some very elderly homes and the massive lower ramparts of the castle walls awaits. It feels very much like a canyon

At the end of Carrer Del Triquet, bear right (follow the yellow line on the road) and you will pass a Solid, stone built, Moorish tower as you enter Carrer Hospital.

Keep an eye open for a set of steps on your right. This is the quick way up to the castle gate. There is a ramp to one side of the steps, if you prefer. As you trot up the steps, look out for the pretty blue house on your left and it’s cats.

You will emerge here; turn right to go to the castle, and left to continue the walk. We suggest that you walk through the castle entrance and take a look; the first 50m is free and quite interesting. You will exit the castle by the same door way used for entry; walk straight on to continue.

We highly recommend taking a tour of the castle. There is plenty to see including, a small and interesting museum entirely presented in Spanish, a cafe, the ancient castle remains and grounds, and fantastic views of the town and it’s marina. Allow one hour.

Scale of charges for entry to the castle.

Walk down the hill, looking to your left for your next turning. Also admire some of the best decorated and loved houses in town.

Take this turning on your left, it will be the final old street of your tour. At the bottom of this street live a closed order of Augustian Nuns. Their nunnery dates from 1599. If the door to the church is open, you may enter, there will almost certainly be a service in operation at these times.

Turn left onto Carrer Loreto and prepare to be overwhelmed at the choice of eateries and bars that line this street. It is a perfect place to grab a coffee and enjoy the street vibe. Better still, stay a little longer for a drink, tapas, or even a reasonably priced meal in this busy and relaxed street.

You tumble out of Carrer Loreto and into the Place De La Constitucio where you will see the Town Hall on your left, and nearby, a church and to your right, more cafes with outside tables and chairs. Turn right and look out for your next street.

You are now entering the modern shopping area of the town. Make your way to the bottom of this street, window shopping as you go.

At the end of Carrer Del Cop, walk across the road to the island with the trees on it, slightly to your right. Inside this island, bounded by a small road and parked cars, you will find a large, elegant, fountain, shady public seatings and some cafe tables. Sit at any of these bistro style tables and a server will appear and take your order; it is a perfect spot for a cooling drink on a hot day.

Walk out of the Glorieta Del Pais Valencia, heading towards the wide, tree enveloped shopping street. This street is regularly closed to traffic and is the main focus for festivals which seem to be held on a monthly basis. A good place to get to know what is fashionable in Spain.

Why not take a tiny detour off the Carrer Del Marques De Campo to seek out the Esglesia De Sant Antoni De Padua. Towards the end of this shopping street, take the left turning stroll along the Carrer Candida Carbonell for about 10 paces. You will see an open square on your right called Placa Del Convent. If the church is open, it is well worth your time. This is a 2 minute detour, without going inside the church.

At the end of Carrer Del Marques De Campo, Cross the road and walk to the yellow banner that reads ‘PANSETA’. This is a free ferry that will take you across the water to the vibrant, modern Marina, with it’s sophisticated restaurants.

Alternatively, turn left, walk with the marina on your right, and visit both the Port Denia Gallery, with it’s exhibition of the history of the the Port, and the fish market, ‘Posit’, where the town’s fishing fleet moor up and sell their catch each day. The fish market offers guided tours at 4pm most days of the week.

Once over the water using the Panseta, you will notice that many of the glamorous restaurants offer very reasonable set menus, all offer hot and cold drinks, simply find a place you would like to sit and a server will arrive.

Continue your walk along the waterfront and you will arrive at your start point.

Denia Castell from the Marina.

We had fun walking around Denia, getting to know it better. If you enjoyed this article, or even tried out the walk, please let us know what you think. Comments can be left in the reply box below. We will get back to you. Thank you. The Wallys. x

6 thoughts on “A Brief Journey Through Time

  1. Much enjoyed reading the history of the building,walked the streets many times but can now do with added interest.CHEERS Roger


    1. Many thanks Roger, you are very kind. Denia is a lovely city with 2000 years under it’s belt. How amazing that is that? Let us know how you get on when you have a go at our walk, and if we should add anything, please let us know. The Wallys xx


    1. Hi Janet, thanks for your comment. You really would love this small city. So much history packed into such a tight spot. Remarkable and beautiful and waiting for you to get here! Your buddies, the Wallys. XX


  2. An impressive and very well written presentation of a recommended walking tour of Denia. You could have included the very pleasant English Fish n Chip restaurant so that I could find my way back to it! Gerry B.


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