A Stroll to The Windmills

A walk from near Denia to near Javea, Spain.

Distance: 7miles

Difficulty: Easy

At the end of this item, you will find the 2 minute video of this walk. Please enjoy.

This is where we headed on our bright, shining day.

A gang of us walked to the Windmills that overlook the seaside town of Javea. We used a circular route, more or less.

We cannot guarantee that this map will get you there, but you will have fun trying!

It’s another follow your nose route. What could possibly go wrong?

The land around the Ghost Town and the Gerro Tower is very rocky, with clear paths that thread their way through; it is a slalom, with time to take in the the passing scenery. Once past the Ghost Town, you are onto a plateau, but with a terrain that is very uneven and broken. Wear shoes with a solid sole, as you’ll feel all those rocks with every step and your feet will be hurting by the end of your stroll. There is no scrambling or climbing, only walking.

The Ghost Town

From Denia, walk along the Rota (seaside promenade), or catch a bus to the end of the Rota/Mena restaurant. Stand with your back to the restaurant, and walk up the road in front of you, passing the bus shelter on your right side. Take the first left turning; and then, after 30 yards (ish), the road splits into 2, take the right hand road, Carrer Sextans. It becomes a rough cement lane and then a very rough track within a minute or two. The track slopes up away from you at a steady incline.

Bear right here and then keep straight on. Easy.

From here you follow your nose, and the map, until you find yourself at the windmills.

We thought you might like to swat-up on the Molins before you set out.

The view from the terrace that the windmills are built on, is stupendous, which is why we all have our backs to the camera and our cheerful, rosy cheeked faces to the bay of Javea.

What a gorgeous bunch of walkers we are.

Once you have filled your boots with your gourmet lunch, and the sumptuous vistas, you can either walk down into Javea and take the local bus back to Denia, or retrace your steps. Today, we retraced our steps to just beyond the eco houses and the end of the lane. Rather than bear left and walk back to the Ghost Town, we walked nearer to the sea, with that deep valley to our left side and the sea to our right; the path is obvious.

The Gerro Tower marking the end of the walk.

You can see the Gerro Tower for much of the final half of the walk, which makes navigation a doddle.

Our gang at the Gerro Tower; as I saw them, in their bright clothes, with their colourful rucksacks, on this sizzling hot day.

All you have to do now is wander down the zig-zagging path to the seafront and then back to Restaurant Mena where we recommend you have a well earned drink on their sunny seaside terrace.

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