Spicy Singapore Noodles

This is a full flavoured, unctuous meal. It takes no more than 20 minutes from starting to prepare, to eating.

For 2 people

Probably the most flavour in the least time ever in a campsite!


*1in diameter bundle of Spaghetti (¼ to 1/3 of a packet), Spaghetti doubles as noodles – try it!

*1T oil

*1t coconut oil

*5 or 6 types of vegetables, thinly sliced, see the photo for inspiration, (We used, in order of longest to least amount of cooking time: ½ Carrot, 1 onion, 1 stem from some broccoli – outer peeled away as it can be stringy, 1/2in root ginger, ¼ large red pepper, 1 fat garlic clove, ½ large courgette, 1 large tomato).

*Chilli flakes/powder to taste, optional.

*1T Sweet Chilli Sauce

*1T tomato puree/passata/chopped tomatoes

*1T light soya sauce (1t if it is the very dark one)

*No salt


*Prepare all vegetables and lay out in the order for frying – take no more than 5 minutes on this task.

Cooking the Noodles

*Break the pasta into 3in lengths and drop into a large saucepan

*Boil a kettle of water and pour over the spaghetti.

*Put onto the stove and bring to the boil, then simmer til only just cooked

The stir fry

*While the pasta is cooking

*Heat the two oils together, the coconut oil will froth, this is fine. It should be hot.

*Keeping the oil hot through out, fry each vegetable type, in order, for a minute each. Not the courgette or tomato. Keep stirring.

*Add your chilli flakes/powder to last, stir.

*Add the sweet chilli sauce, the tomato puree and the soya sauce and continue stirring.

*Add your penultimate fast cook vege/s, for me that was courgette.

*Drain the pasta and add to the stir fry, keep stirring.

*Turn off the heat, add the tomatoes and stir.

Dinner is ready!

Remember to let us know what you think of this easy-peasy meal by leaving a comment below. Ta!

Camp Sushi

Sushi is so easy to make, and once you have given it a go, it is a quick meal to knock together.

Sushi is a long and difficult word to spell, that is all I have to say in my confused defence!

Make and enjoy this, the ultimate store cupboard dish for two hungry campers.

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Basic Recipes and Techniques

There are one or two things that happen in most meals, so let’s store them here, where we can all find them! That way I wont have to bore you and me with longish repeats.

Basic Kit

In a camper you’ll generally have a small under counter cupboard, am I right? This will mean that every pot, pan and kettle will be crammed in there when travelling, so make every item count. No shirkers on this ride.

Our basic pan kit, stacked up, minus the kettle. It’s not gorgeous, but it sores in a tiny cupboard.

Your Basic Pan Kit: could be, a wok with lid, a cast iron pan (la Creuset is best dwarlinks- posh shops and charity shops are the places to hunt them down), a large lidded saucepan, a little lidded saucepan, a large chefs lid, a metal rack (from a bbq kit/cooling rack etc) and an electric kettle (wild camper? Hob top kettle).

Basic pots, pans, electric kettle and gas cooker.

Your Basic Cutlery Kit: 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon, 1 cup or mug (your drinkng mug will do), 1 large sharp knife, 1 small sharp knife, a couple of thin plastic chopping boards, a flat fine grater, large stirring and serving spoon, a good metal fish slice, a spud masher, a pair of scissors. With these things you and your camper van can take on the world.

Basic utensils with the teaspoon and tablespoon missing: well nobody’s perfect!

Your Fancy Kit – made from your basic pan kit above

Wallys Pan-Oven: use your cast iron pan, your grill rack and the wok lid. You can also pop a couple of folded tea towels on top of the lid as insulation.

Heat the ‘oven’ on a high heat. When the pan is good and hot, turn down the flame and you’re ready to bake.

Griddle Baking: miss out the rack and wok lid from the Pan-Oven and plop your bakes straight onto the pan’s surface. Use a lid that will sit in the BOTTOM of the pan without squashing your creations. This method suits thin food; pizzas, flat breads etc. You need to watch them like a hungry hawk, as this is a good way to cremate the one you love. And we don’t want that, do we?

  • Abbreviations of Basic Measurements (taken from the previous blog)
  • t = teaspoon
  • T = tablespoon
  • c = cup
  • .5c = half a cup

The 3 Food Skills

As we’re trying to use as little gas as possible, it makes sense to do all prep before you strike that match. It’s not always easy to find space to lay out all that food, but you’ll find a way!

 Skill number 1: get everything ready, chop food, put pans in place on the stove, and all other ingredients laid out ready to start. Add cooking cutlery and matches and you’re good to go.

Skill number 2: rather than opting for the usual rice, pasta and potatoes, try something new, healthy and hob free such as :-

Why not try the two ‘no cook’ options shown here, or the quick cook red lentils?

Bulgur Wheat or Cous cous – both come in whole grain versions, should you fancy having a healthy gut biome (google it, we haven’t gone nuts … yet) and are ‘cooked’ in the same way as each other; half the learning, twice the food options.

  • Ingredients for 2 people
  • A shy 1.5c of BOILING water; not hot, not boiled a minute ago; BOILING
  • .5c Bulgur Wheat or Cous cous.
  • Method
  • Put dry ingredient into your small saucepan.
  • Pour over your boiling water
  • Sir once to whet all the grains
  • Pop on the lid
  • 10 -15 minutes later – serve, or get creative by adding whatever makes you smile for an awesome one pot wonder.

Skill number 3: One Pot Wonders – are often based on a good carbohydrate, this one needs very little cooking, which is why it’s made the cut. 

Small Red Lentils – a staple food in many countries, this is a chameleon in terms of colour and flavour, it all depends on what you do with it. Red lentils cook more quickly than other lentils. Additional ingredients will vary according to what’s on the menu! These are the lentils that lentil haters hate to admit they like!

  • Ingredients for 2 people
  • A shy 2c of liquid. Temperature will depend on the recipe.
  • 1c lentils
  • Method – Basic
  • Put dry ingredient into your small saucepan.
  • Pour over your liquid
  • Sir once to whet all the lentils
  • Put on the lid
  • Bring to the boil
  • Reduce heat to the lowest possible setting for 5 – 10 mins
  • Stir from time to time to prevent sticking.