A Quiet Moment to Reflect…

Us Wallys have spent the last three weeks in a frantic whirl. We have worked very long, hard days; stopping at dusk only to find the food fairy has not fluttered in and prepared a meal for us, which means that one of us has to don the sparkly wings and things and set about being the chef of the day. This evening the fairy kit goes to the lovely Wally. While he creates a culinary masterpiece, I am writing this for you, and me, of course.

At last we Wallys are coming to a point in our struggles where we can have a day, or even two, off work. My mind has wandered onto the things we might indulge in. Well, we can dream, if nothing else! Of course our reality is that movements in the UK are still restricted. What a bore this is for everyone.

Red Hot, Sizzling Spanish Beach Umbrella

What I fancy is a trip to a beach-side cafe. I would love to sit under a big, bright beach brolly, with blue sea, blue sky, and a golden beach stretching out, lazily in front of me. Any beach will do for me, after all we live on an island; the one thing we have in plenty is beaches. I feel like using my time to watch folks as they saunter by; families with their kids over excited and fully tooled, buckets, spades, ice cream and their parents, wishing they had stayed at home; young fellas out to spot a toothsome someone and make a pass, if they have the bravery, and the oldies, plump with billowing clothing and waney gait, glad to see yet another summer. Almost every single person sharing that same, one thing on their mind, fish and chips, accompanied by a sea view with the delicious waft of vinegar breezing under nose.

We do not need to to go far, maybe something simple and close to home would give us a lift on a day off. A chance to hook up with friends for a natter would be a boon. Nonchalant, care free, normal.

Chatty women, Denia, Spain.

Soon, all this will be acceptable again, but will we take it all for granted? For us, having access to ordinary activities should not be a luxury, it should be something we do without a second thought, as long as we all keep washing our hands and wearing our masks, oh, and, as long as nobody gets within six feet of us. In the meantime, we will consult our list of tasks and plan tomorrow’s work. Yes, it will be another day in paradise for the Wallys.

We hope you enjoyed this little peep into our world of sparkly wings and things. Let us know what you think of it by using the buttons below. We love to hear from you. All the best from us Wallys. xx