Isn’t it surprising how quickly we learn to find our way around a new place. Finding our way around new people requires more skill and effort. People can be: confusing, surprising, even frightening; read on and experience the way others live.

A Mosaic of Meditation

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Like anyone who has ever been to Spain, the urge to create a mosaic at home is a strong one. Putting that idea into practice can change more than just the appearance of your wall.

A Quiet Moment to Reflect…

One thing we all have in common? We all need a change of scene. What would you go for? I know what we fancy ….

The Cave Paintings at Pla D Petacos

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Prehistoric Cave Art, waiting to be viewed, free of charge, in the Spanish sunshine. This spot is just one site out of a cluster of 727 in the east of Spain that make up a Unesco World Heritage Site. Take a look.

How To Butcher Your Octopus

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Watch a master at work as he prepares Octopuses for drying in the sun.

Festivals of Denia, Spain

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Enter the remarkable world of the festival town as it leads you into its’ vibrant world of colour, fire, history, religion; and dancing on the beach.

The Baker Of Fes

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Probably one of the darkest places to work, with only the glow of the fire to see by. Out of this place comes some of the lightest bread you could wish for.

Omar, Mi Amigo

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Join us for a day with a Moroccan, rural family.

Three Kings Day, Denia, Spain.

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How the Spanish celebrate Christmas without breaking the household finances.