We’ve decided to spend about 5 months a year living in Barri the VW T4 camper van. Join us to learn about the places we stay and the people we meet there. In order to protect the innocent, we won’t always divulge names!

Nobody Expects the Chinese Inquisition!

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Who was the mysterious Chinese man and what did he really want from us? Read our strangely fishy, but true traveller’s tale.

Bad Belly or Bad Battery?

How do you know that your leisure battery is about to go belly-up? We assumed we would see our lights go dim faster than normal. For us, we did not go gentle into that good night, unfortunately.

Madam, Consider Yourself Pollinated!

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All about an inescapable, apocalyptical, natural phenomenon.

The Happy Hoeple Grouple

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Where there’s sun and palm trees, there has to be hula girls. This definitely is not Hawaii, but this is Happy Hula. Grab a hoop and join us for a chinwag and a laugh in the great outdoors.

Christmas In A Can

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The decorations are up, the turkey’s defrosting and the kids are strangling each other with excitement. Leave all that behind and enjoy Christmas with the Wandering Wallys and Barri the VW T4 camper.

Camp New Year

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When it comes to the new year celebrations, this place doesn’t do half measures. It’s new year, but with a twist.