Yes another blog by born again bikers. Retirees with enough disposable income to buy shiny bikes and bore everyone with their mundane travel tales. That being said; take a look you might just learn something. We’ve been around the block, often more than once; bloody sat-nav!

Lady Biker

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One lady biker, rather high mileage, but still road worthy.

New Bikes Old Bikers

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A short introduction to our biking blog site, with a sensational reveal. Nuuf said.

Biker Blues

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Customer Service; how not to do it.

The Road To Morocco

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What a terrible journey. We never planned to ride our bikes into the teeth of a hurricane; what idiot would do that?

KTM 390 Duke 3,000 mile review.

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Our impressions of the KTM 390 Duke after 3,000 miles.